Are you going to hire a wedding band or a wedding DJ?

We would suggest both, why not give your guests a night to remember, one that they will think back on long after your big day.

You really have to hire a wedding band that can cater for all your guests that are why we have put together a list of 4 superb wedding bands that we know will make your wedding night special.

Make sure that your wedding day gets off to the very best start by ensuring that you have music for everyone and by that we mean everyone –  there is nothing worse than seeing the dance floor empty lets face it we have all been to weddings where the music is playing but no one is up on the dance floor because no one is feeling the music

with this in mind we would like to give you this simple advice – please make sure that you go over the set list and make sure that it is the right choice, not just for you but also sample the list with a few of your guests – this simple little trick can ensure that your music for the big day goes to plan.

Pick out 3 – 5 guests and ask them to listen to the tracks on your list and get back to you with your their reaction.

Imagine that they say that they love your selection – you will then be able to give yourself a pat on the back.

Here are the 4 wedding bands that we can gladly recommend.

Remember that their job is to inform you of their expertise in what they are offering to you. If their explanation still doesn’t clear it up for you, just ask again. They should quite easily be able to do this. If not, it is”t because you don’t understand, and you probably should not hire them.

If you sayI know absolutely nothing about music and you think that statement is really true, think again! Isn’t it true that actually, like many people, you know what you like and don’t like? That is the real bottom line in choosing music (and the musicians who provide that music).

If the basic sound of a group, an individual musician or a specific piece of music doesn’t seem right, that’s all you need to know. Whoever wrote something that you like or dislike  Handel, Bach Purcell, Mendelssohn makes no real difference to you. Just remember: the more you know, the more precise will be all your decisions.

” Case in point: The Bridal Chorus Sometimes it is a piece that some people really want, but they are afraid it will sound corny or somehow too un-original. My response is that it is the musician job to play it beautifully and sincerely. When this happens, absolutely nobody will think anything other than That is stunning! How beautiful! and the proper emotions are infused into the moment that will be unforgettable to everyone who hears it”   The Moogs 

On the other hand, if the musician adopts the attitude that this piece of music is trite, or hackneyed, or boring, then they are not serious about what they are doing and the impression they leave is often the very reason why people learn to dislike certain pieces of music.

The quality of sound is often the single biggest determining factor when selecting wedding music and musicians. A smooth, flowing, natural sound will be obvious, even if you believe that you are not a good judge of music.

You see, music is constantly in our lives: radio, television, movies, CD, Organ & Brass, churches, even in the dentist chair! Much of what you do know may be on a more subconscious level, but a capable, professional musician can help explain these things so that your response begins to sound like, Well I know what you mean, I just never said it quite like that. This shows that you already did know!

The professional wedding musician should be able to clearly explain to your satisfaction exactly what their job means to you. You should see and hear what their area or speciality is. If this is unclear, just say so.

Regarding the wedding ceremony, any number of instruments work perfectly well trumpet, flute, guitar, brass quintet, harp, organ are typically used (not at the same time!). Each of these instruments makes an impression on the listener and invokes an emotional reaction this is the basis for your liking one sound more than another, one style more than another, one specific selection more or less than another.

Many people feel that is the obvious right choice (according to their impressions, based on their informed value judgment). With the key selections for your ceremony selected, reflect on them you should feel good about them, in just the same way you feel good about your dress, your cake, your photographer, and all the other areas you will be exploring. In every one of these areas, enjoy the process of discovery.

Notice which professionals take plenty of time to get to know you and be of good service to you, helping guide your decisions to choices that really are yours. Your good word in referring a professional�s service is a kind and generous show of support when you feel it has been earned. ENJOY!

Dealing with professionals can be stressful during your wedding planning, I hope this advice would ease your task when trying to hire a wedding music band or a DJ for your wedding.